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Adults Supporting Teens

It’s important to talk to teens about relationships, including healthy, unhealthy, and abusive behaviors. Teens can benefit from identifying boundaries as well as what to do when someone crosses those boundaries in a relationship.

Educating yourself about how to support healthy teen relationships is a great first step. Access the guides below for help on how to have these conversations with a teen in your life.

Browse Our Guides: Adults Supporting Teens

> Five Steps for Adults to Support Healthy Teen Relationships

> PDF: Supporting Healthy Teen Relationships

> Healthy Digital Boundaries for Caregivers

Start early and have these conversations often. If a teen does not want to talk, it does not mean they are not listening. Come back to the conversation at another time. Ask if they would be more comfortable talking with someone else – a friend, counselor, coach, or another trusted adult, like a Green Flags pro.





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