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1 in 3 teens experience abuse by a dating partner

This could be your friend, a classmate, a neighbor or even your family member.

How can you help support healthy teen relationships? It starts with brave conversations and creating space to share your green flags.

Together we can support green flags and identify red flags. We can speak up. We can empower each other. 

Youth Advisory Council

The Center for Family Safety and Healing (TCFSH) has created a Green Flags Youth Advisory Council

> Learn More: Youth Advisory Council

For Adults Supporting Teens

When talking to teens about healthy relationships and dating safety, your support is one of the best things you can offer. Learn more about how you can be an advocate and support the teens in your life.

> Learn More: Adults Supporting Teens

#MyGreenFlags Digital Toolkit – coming soon

Help spread the word! Access our digital toolkit with relationship and dating statistics to share, sample social media posts you can use and much more.

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