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Youth Advisory Council

Calling all Central Ohio high schoolers! 

Are you looking for a unique opportunity to make a difference? Do you want to use your voice to champion healthy relationships, raise awareness, and provide crucial support in your community? Get in on the action with the Green Flags Youth Advisory Council.

Work together with other teens to have meaningful conversations about promoting safe and healthy relationships. 

Our Youth Advisory Council meets from April 24 to October 23, 2024. During this time, we hold engaging two-hour, in-person sessions every fourth Wednesday of the month at The Center for Family Safety and Healing, located at 655 E. Livingston Ave., Columbus, Ohio. Additionally, we offer optional virtual meetings on the second Wednesday of each month.

As a member of the Green Flags Youth Advisory Council, you’ll not only contribute to important discussions but also receive a $25 gift card for every session you attend!

To participate in this Youth Advisory Council, you must:

  •  Be a high school student currently in grades 9-12
  • Live in Central Ohio
  • Be able to attend an in-person meeting the fourth Wednesday of every month from 6-8 p.m.
  • Have a guardian consent for participation

Admissions for the Green Flags Youth Advisory Council are currently open, and we are excited to welcome new members who share our passion for healthy relationships.

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