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Sex and Relationships

Respecting your boundaries about sex and pregnancy is a green flag.

Part of growing up means your body may be getting ready for sex and pregnancy. Just because your body is ready, does not mean you are ready though. And that’s OK.

Having sex is healthy and normal, but only once you’ve decided you’re ready. And that means you’ve decided you’re ready for your own reasons. No one can make the decision for you, but it can help to talk about your feelings with a trusted adult.

AwkTalk has answers to life’s awkward questions about your body, your relationships, and more. No judgment – just the facts. From medical experts.

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Reproductive Coercion

Reproductive coercion is when a partner tries to pressure you, force you or change your decisions around sex and pregnancy to keep power and control in your relationship.  

It can look like: 

  • Trying to get someone pregnant against their wishes 
  • Controlling what happens during pregnancy  
  • Pressuring a partner to have sex, or have sex without protection 
  • Messing with birth control methods 

If you are experiencing reproductive coercion, talking to someone who provides health care services is important.

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